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A quality Auto Body Shop in Yuma AZ is hard to come by. Refinishing your vehicle is the area of auto collision repair all customers fear.  Will it ever look the same?  How can you make new paint match two year old paint?  These Auto body Shop Yumaquestions and others plague many customers.  There are no easy answers to give.  That is why it’s extremely important to choose an established auto body shop that has the technology and knowledge to get the job done right.

Our professional staff is thoroughly trained in proper auto body procedures for every kind of collision.  The materials that we use on our customer’s vehicles are the very best in the industry.  The colors for each vehicle are matched through our computerized color match database.  They are then mixed on a digital scale and sprayed on test panels for accuracy.  Finally, the product is applied to the vehicle.  Any minor imperfections can then be polished out to a factory shine.

We go above and beyond other Auto Body Repair shops

We go above and beyond to make every customer satisfied with the auto body repair process and the end result. When your vehicle is repaired properly, it should be nearly impossible to tell that you have been involved in an accident.  Our Yuma auto body shop provides high quality work that is guaranteed to satisfy.

 Auto Body Shop Yuma Truck Repair

We can arrange for pickup of your damaged vehicle, whether it is drivable or not. We work closely with the local rental car companies to ensure an easy transition to a replacement vehicle while your automobile is being repaired and in most cases, we can even deliver your repaired vehicle to you if needed or provide transportation to or from our Yuma, AZ Auto body shop location.


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In Arizona, State Law says: “You have the right to choose the repair facility to repair your vehicle” and it is illegal for any insurance company to tell you where to take your vehicle.


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