Tips for Choosing a Yuma Auto Body Repair Shop


Collisions are stressful, so it’s easy to overlook some important facts when you’re choosing a Yuma Auto Body Repair Shop. Here are 3 important things you need to know when selecting a repair facility.

#1 – You can request a written warranty covering labor, materials, parts and paint.

In most cases most professional auto body repair shops can repair an RV or  vehicle & make it look good. But looking good is only half the equation. Make sure your body shop is addressing the “invisible” repair factors, as these can impact everything from passenger safety in future collisions to your car’s resale value down the road.

Ask your auto body repair shop:

– Will their repairs ensure safe performance in future collisions, including correct air bag deployment & safe outward frame crumpling?
– Are they certified by your vehicle’s manufacturer to ensure maximum resale value of your car or truck?
– Will they apply correct undercoatings to protect your vehicle’s frame from natural elements?

#2 – You get to pick your Yuma Auto Body Repair Shop.

The choice of where to have your vehicle repaired is up to you, not your insurance company. Some companies may try to steer you toward a particular “preferred” shop with whom they have pre-negotiated repair rates. But these shops may not be certified by your automotive’s manufacturer. So know your rights. In addition to the written warranty described above, you can learn more here.

#3 – Always remember that you are the customer!

At Sutton’s Auto body, the quality and safety of the RV Repair and auto body repair is our number one priority (as well as you being completely satisfied). We’re not committed to any single insurance provider – only to getting the job done right. In other words, while we work with the insurance company, we don’t work for them. You are the customer…and you are our primary concern.


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